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The Brain Revolution

The Brain Revolution is a campaign concept to raise awareness of the gender imbalance of Alzheimer's disease. 
The first design iteration of this project was a Bronze Indigo Award Winner in Design for Social Change.

Brand Identity, Campaign Strategy, Website,
Print, Illustration, Copywriting




Women are twice as likely to get Alzheimer's compared to men. The Brain Revolution is a campaign designed to educate and empower women aged 20-40years, the period defined as the 'window of opportunity' to prevent Dementia onset. The design takes inspiration from women's protests, to evoke empowerment and rebellion against systemic issues impacting the disease. This is reflected with the use of illustration and hand drawn elements.

Saturated bright pink and red contrast with black to create a sense of importance and urgency. This is unconventional for a health focused campaign and should help engage the demographic. Variations of handwritten text were used to create a graphic pattern that feels personal and expressive.

In addition to raising awareness of the disease itself, the campaign provides an opportunity to expand into deeper education on prevention, making this information accessible and engaging for the audience. This includes lifestyle changes which could tie into partnerships with businesses in the food/wellness space.

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